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So if you remember last year I tried out a weight loss program called RECON from Personal Trainer Food, and had some pretty good results. My goal was to drop some weight before getting married, and after getting off of the program I continued to lose weight. I believe I was at 209 the day my wife and I exchange vows.

Within about 4-5 months I went from this

Getting the Dad Bod Back With PTF

To this

Getting the Dad Bod Back With PTF

And it mainly had to do with continuing a diet and exercise routine that matched what I had learned from my month of being on the RECON program. I had a lot more energy and really did feel better about myself! At my lowest weight I was at about 204 around mid summer.

During last year there was quite a lot of routine changes for our family. I transitioned to a new job, my son started going to preschool in the morning which meant two things for me: 1) My routine of going to the gym during the lunch halted and I started eating out more and 2) Our son was CONSTANTLY getting sick from preschool. Someone was sick in the house for probably 3-4 months.

Me last summer, probably at my best shape. Ignore those pants on the counter. They’re load bearing pants.

Needless to say I wasn’t doing the best with my eating and workouts. Then the holidays hit! Come at me sugar and carbs!

When the holidays cleared, I gained around ten pounds and was trying to keep at the gym at least 3 times a week. I’m currently at 225, and I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’ve gained all my weight back; I have more muscle mass than I did when I was close to this weight last time.

Basically I knew once My fat pants were fitting without falling off my butt there was a problem..

The beginning of this year has been a hectic one so far, as I’m sure it is for everyone. But for us, we found out in December that… We’re having another child! In case you didn’t see on IG, we already found out the gender as well and we’re having a girl! I couldn’t be more excited!

That being said, I need to get this Dad bod taken care of before she gets here because it’s going to be a tough few weeks/months once she arrives. Then the holidays come again. It’s a vicious cycle..

Operation Dad Bod

So Operation Dad Bod was slated to start after Valentines Day, and I was going to start back on Keto on my own to get back into shape. Literally the day I started my diet I was contacted by Personal Trainer Food asking if I was interested in doing another round. YES! I CAN PUT THE DIET OFF FOR A WEEK!!!WHEN DO I START?!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Personal Trainer Food, their RECON program is a 28-day weight loss program that is pretty similar to the Keto diet: high-protein, high-fat, low-carb, no sugar (which also means no alcohol – so plan your parties accordingly).

Other than the carb/sugar thing, this type of diet fits my lifestyle pretty well, and I can eat however much I want (within reason obviously, you just don’t have to go hungry) which is a huge plus! I can still eat eggs and bacon, limited amounts of cheese (the 3 things that make breakfast right?!), butter and oils are unlimited, plus you get all your veggies portioned out. Which is huge, because I don’t eat enough of on my own, but will when its supplied to me. Go figure.

The last time around, I got the 1 month’s order at once, which was a little overwhelming for our fridge and since I don’t have a deep freezer on hand I was glad to see they now offer a bi-weekly shipping option. My son was just happy to see a box come in. Seriously, anytime I get a package its like Christmas morning to him!

They also have a new set of butter sauces that I’m super excited about and am already getting ideas to put together a recipe with!

So yeah, here I am giving it another go and going to cut down some fat and hopefully get some tone. Maybe by the end of this year? Who knows, but that’d be pretty rad! I’ll be posting from time to time with some updates, tips and recipe ideas if anyone is interested.

Join Me In My Journey!

If you’re at all interested in trying out the RECON plan, Personal Trainer food will give my readers $100 their order using the coupon code DADWITHAPAN. Plus it helps me out too so there’s that!

Looking forward to sharing my results with you in April!!

Thanks to Personal Trainer Food for supplying me with their RECON program. All comments are my own!

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