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Time flies by so fast – I cannot believe our son Brayden, is about to be 3 years old! But can you believe for as much as I cook, I haven’t included him yet in the kitchen?! I mean sure, he’s a little young to start, but when I make a simple meal like fried rice. Why can’t he help his old man?! uncle-ben-bacon-fried-rice-1 I asked my little blonde carbon copy if he’d like to help Dad cook dinner, he immediately perked up and said “SHOO!” (that’s Brayden for “sure!”). He LOVED helping me mix and prepare and doing anything he could to help get dinner going. uncle-ben-bacon-fried-rice-4 With Uncle Ben’s Rice Ready Jasmine rice on hand (available at most grocery stores nationwide), it made this fried rice recipe one step easier. I normally use day old rice, but when you’re not HUGE rice eaters, sometimes that can put a little delay in cooking up a quick bowl of fried rice. uncle-ben-bacon-fried-rice-10 Uncle Ben’s Rice Ready is done in 90 seconds, that helps families get meals to the table quicker. What’s REALLY great about Uncle Ben’s Rice Ready is you can go straight from the bag to wok for this recipe. So this makes it a super simple and easy meal to get your children involved in helping prepare, and if they’re ready, cook for you! uncle-ben-bacon-fried-rice-5 Even as a toddler, he loves just being with me to stir fried rice on the wok with Dad. Side note – are we the only ones who struggle to keep pants on our toddler? Man this kid will take running around in underwear over pants or even shorts any day! uncle-ben-bacon-fried-rice-7 I really love the fact that Uncle Ben’s and I share the same passion about encouraging parents and kids to cook together, because families that eat and cook together have kids that make healthier meal choices.

uncle-ben-bacon-fried-rice-9 Because of this, the Uncle Ben’s is hosting the fifth annual Ben’s Beginners™ Cooking Contest to encourage children to get interested in cooking. Definitely worth checking out if you’re interested! This fried rice recipe is one of my lazy dinner recipes I love cooking up because it’s so simple, and full of flavor. uncle-bens-fried-rice-bacon-2 With an addition of bacon, it’s almost like you’re cooking up pork fried rice! It adds a little smokiness to fried rice you’re really going to love as well! uncle-ben-bacon-fried-rice-13 Grab the kids, bust out the wok, and get this simple meal on the table in less than 15 minutes! The more hands on deck the quicker you’ll be eating!


To enter the Ben’s Beginners™ Cooking Contest, parents with children in Kindergarten through eighth grade can submit photos of their families’ preparing a rice-based together. More information about Ben’s Beginners™ is located at unclebens.com.

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What do you enjoy cooking with your kids?

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