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Everyone loves to eat corned beef and cabbage the day of St. Patricks Day. I decided to find an easy way to rehash the leftovers by combining my two favorites: Corned Beef and Irish Nachos!

St Patricks Day is a pretty big in our Irish-Italian home. I never celebrated the holiday until I met my Irish wife who is big on her St Patricks Day and eating all the great Irish Food. I’ve become fond of a few myself like Soda Bread, Shepherds Pie, and most of all Irish Nachos.

I can’t tell you if Irish nachos is an authentic Irish dish. I mean Its just potatoes smothered in cheese, but I mean, the Irish love their potatoes, and whats there not to love about a potato smothered covered cheese?

This St. Patricks Day I’ll be stuck at work doing a server upgrade – soooo fun… So to make sure the family was fed I made these Irish nacho ahead of time, and will cover them with foil so There’s something festive to eat for one of our most favorite holidays.

That’s what I love about recipes like this two, even as a leftover rehash, they even make good re-leftovers! They reheat really nice and the corned beef gets crispy on the second time int he oven. They almost have a carnitas vibe to them.

I’ll definitely be enjoying these anytime I get corned beef going, that is if I can get to them before everyone else does. Gotta love the potato loving Irish!


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Everyone loves to eat corned beef and cabbage the day of St. Patricks Day. I decided to find an easy way to rehash the leftovers by […]
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