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October 21, 2016
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November 2, 2016

How I Pass The Time Before Nap Time

Back when my wife used to work the weekends, getting Brayden down for nap time was my duty. I would love taking him outside to kick the ball around or just run around in the field we have int he backyard, and just explore.


Now that he’s a little older we go exploring out in the trail behind our home, and its SUPER easy to lose track of time.


It usually takes some coercing and convincing to get our son down to nap on his own. I’ve found EASILY the best way on the days that he’s being stubborn is to say “let’s go play outside for a bit!”


We can go exploring for hours, and sometimes that’s where the problem lies.

This kid can knock out for hours sometimes and wont wake up till almost dinner time.  And that makes it hard to get him to go to sleep again when his bedtime is a couple hours away at that point.


So I have to make sure I keep my eye on what time it is while we go out on our quest for dinosaur footprints!


As much as I love technology, and keeping current with the latest tech trends, the one thing I haven’t really gotten into is smart watches.

As cool as they can be, they’re not timeless to me and that’s what I love about cool timepieces, especially ones where I can see all the moving parts.

Jord sent me one of their zebra wood time skeleton timepieces, and it came out in handy for keeping track of time on our walk down the trail to make sure we got back in time for nap time.


After about an hour of running around and searching for dinosaurs I could tell he was getting tired. Perfect!


This usually consists of “Daddy, hold me!” and we walk back home. Today however, he knocked out before I even got back!


What do you do to get your children worn out before nap time? I’d love to hear more!

ALSO! Jord is partnering with me to give away one of their beautiful wood watches! You can enter that giveaway here!

This post has been sponsored by Jord. All opinions are my own




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Derek Campanile
Derek Campanile
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