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I can always go for a good Grilled Mac and Cheese Sandwich. They’re a great way to breath new life into some leftover mac and cheese you have from whooping up a nice batch of homemade mac and cheese.

It’s super comforting on any day. Loaded with cheese and all those sinfully good carbs for all you carb junkies out there (like myself). Grilled Mac and cheese sandwiches are my ultimate favorite!

I had some Velveeta cheese left over from my pull apart pretzel bread, and decided to throw together a quick mac and cheese the other night for dinner. Doesn’t get much easier than their recipe with a few alterations of course. I like adding a little garlic and sometimes bacon if I know my son isn’t going to eat much. That kid is so picky and particular about textures and flavors right now. Threenagers..

So for the next day I like to just load up some grilled cheese sandwiches with the leftover mac and cheese. Add a little more cheese, (because reasons), and voila! Super easy weeknight meal!

It reminds me close to a spaghetti sandwich that I grew up eating as a kid (remind me to share that recipe one day). Carbs for days and I love it, just make sure you don’t miss cardio day that week!

If you’ve never tried it, something tells me Grilled Mac and Cheese sandwiches are going to be a hit in your house!


April 12, 2017

Grilled Mac and Cheese Sandwich

I can always go for a good Grilled Mac and Cheese Sandwich. They’re a great way to breath new life into some leftover mac and cheese […]
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