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July 26, 2016
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Changes In Our Morning Routine: Preschool

I cannot believe that Brayden is about to turn 3 in a week. With changes in our morning routine including a job change for me, we felt it was time to let him start going to preschool!

We’ve been touring a few places and found a one that we’ve liked, well Brayden loves them all – a little too much for Mom’s liking. But it’s time for our little man to take the leap into preschool and we’re super excited to see how he develops in the next few months!


With my wife working the night shift these days, the morning “get ready” routine has become my duty, and I SUCK at waking up in the morning. My morning usually consists of dragging my feet to the shower, sitting in it for 30 minutes until I finally start to wake up, drink coffee and get breakfast going.

This is a huge leap from my earlier years where I would literally wake up 5 minutes before I needed to be to work, be OK with how my hair looked and throw on whatever looked decent for work. Yep, that’s me!



So now I have to get my son used to the idea of getting dressed, brushing his teeth and hair and getting his snack bag ready for his day at preschool.


Packit has a new line of freezable lunch bags with a bunch of cool designs, and to get Brayden excited for his first day I picked up a few of their monster designed lunch bags. 


Brayden likes to pretend he’s a monster, I don’t know how it couldn’t be more fitting than that!


I’ll be packing him his favorite snacks right now, Naan bread, strawberries, carrots and my Easy 5 Minute Hummus. This kid has been in love with hummus since he was in the womb, I don’t get it but it’s easy and cheap to make so I’m not going to complain!


Packit’s lunch bags keep everything cold for the entire day so I don’t have to worry about anything going bad or funky while its sitting in his cubby. The ability to keep things nice and cold also opens up the options for his snacks, like his hummus!


It’s a little bittersweet watching our little man take the next steps in his little life. He’s not our little baby sitting in a high chair being spoon fed anymore. Every day he becomes more and more independent and most time he’s the one that’s giving us a push to the next milestone.

Well I blinked, and the last 3 years haven’t flown by, I’ll need to keep my eyes peeled becase I don’t wan to miss anything in this next phase of his life!

Thanks to PackIt for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own!

Check Out My 5 Minute Hummus:

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