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Summer is all but a memory, and we’re getting ready for fall. When the weather starts to cool off I don’t mind so much using the oven anymore. Baked kebobs is a great way to still get those summer flavors, and stay warm on those cold fall days.

I baked mango margarita shrimp kebobs this weekend, and they came out amazing! Making a margarita quick marinade similar to the one I made for my margarita shrimp salad. This time I gave it a twist using mango infused tequila, along with adding fresh mango on the skewers to add a little something special to these baked kebobs!

When preparing your mango margarita shrimp kebobs, you can either brush on the mango margarita marinade while its roasting in he over, but aint nobody got time for that. I like to prepare the kebobs, then let them side in the marinade in a shallow baking dish for about 20-30 minutes. It doesn’t take long for the marinade to set in at all!

Of course marinating longer will get you richer flavors.

Using mango on the skewers is a nice twist and I highly recommend it. I remember last year making an all fruit skewer for the grill, and really loved how the mangoes came out on those kebobs. This time I’m mixing fruits, vegetables, and shrimp and its a real treat!!

By the way, how do you spell kebobs? Chrome keeps yelling at me and telling me kebob is spelled incorrectly. I know kebab is the widely used, but isn’t it kebob over here in the states? Let me know in the comments which you use, because I feel like I’m going crazy!

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