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Chicken Parmigiana is a recipe that takes me back to my roots with a from-scratch Pomodoro sauce just like my mother made.
It’s one of my favorite Sunday recipes to make, and one I will pass down to my kids as well!

With Father’s Day coming up, I really wanted to have a chance to spend some time with the kids and get Brayden to help me make one of my favorite recipes. My son LOVES to cook with me and it’s so fun just to get him involved in the kitchen.

He loves prepping the ingredients that we picked up from our latest ALDI trip. All their produce is amazingly fresh, and you can’t beat how affordable their prices are.

I save money and get a little help in the kitchen? That’s a Father’s Day I can dig!

This chicken parmigiana with pomodoro sauce isn’t a quick recipe. But growing up, those were the ones that I always remember.

The house full of the aroma of pomodoro sauce simmering all day, I would help stir the sauce. Then helping bread the chicken for the chicken parm that would be fried up for dinner.

These are the recipes as a kid that really got me to love cooking. Brayden is already a huge fan of helping Dad out in the kitchen to cook, where I can get him involved.

For this recipe, his favorite parts are helping “smash” the garlic and coat the chicken with Chef’s Cupboard Italian Bread Crumbs from ALDI.

My Favorite Part? Getting help with stirring the sauce throughout the day!

Be sure to check out the recipe video as well! We’ll be adding more videos to the blog and Brayden will be making much more appearances as well!

June 11, 2018

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Chicken Parmigiana is a recipe that takes me back to my roots with a from-scratch Pomodoro sauce just like my mother made. It’s one of my […]
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