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So I’ve been craving mongolian beef ramen lately. And I wanted to throw this together without too much hassle. So I’ve finally done it.

I’ve hopped on the bandwagon with this Instant Pot Mongolian Beef Ramen Bowl. And I may not look back!

This instant pot mongolian beef ramen bowl, is full of vibrant flavors, from the beef sauteed in garlic sesame oil and ginger, to Pacific foods Organic Beef Broth.

Pacific Foods keeps their products simple, using local and organic ingredient whenever possible. This allows whatever I use their product in to taste that much better!

In this recipe I used about a cup and a half of Pacific Foods organic beef broth while pressure cooking the sirloin to really infuse those flavors together.

Then added my ramen noodles to soak up the remainder of those delicious flavors to have an amazing mongolian beef ramen bowl!

Since we’re using the Instant Pot for this recipe, it comes together fairly quick.

And since there’s a good amount of down time during the pressure cooker phase, you can prep your veggies and any whatever else you want to throw in your mongolian beef ramen bowl once you hit that release button.

I enjoyed this ramen bowl closer to how mongolian beef bowls are done, with noodles and all the toppings. I’ve always eaten ramen this way since I was a kid!

But if you’re looking for a soupier ramen bowl, add about 2 more cups of Pacific foods organic beef broth during the last step while the ramen noodles are cooking.

This will keep the amount of time down since it would make your instant pot take more time to pressurize and now you’ve got plenty of that delicious broth to add to your instant pot Mongolian beef ramen bowl!





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So I’ve been craving mongolian beef ramen lately. And I wanted to throw this together without too much hassle. So I’ve finally done it. I’ve hopped […]
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