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Smashed potatoes with a shepherd’s pie (or cottage pie in this case) topping, is a super simple way to get your shepherd’s pie fix in without fussing too much with the potatoes. This recipe was something I came up with from a failed recipe, but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

I baked potatoes for about an hour while I prepared my shepherd’s pie filling, or cottage pie if you use ground beef (which I usually do).

Using my go to shepherd’s pie recipe, but this time using vegetable stock to change the flavor a tad, and added a little more Worcestershire sauce for a little more robustness.

Don’t forget the wine.

When the potatoes were done i started to scoop them out to make a twice baked potato with shepherd’s pie filling (check back later for that recipe). This is where failure happened.

They weren’t cooked enough and weren’t scooping well. I about abandoned the recipe at this point, but the thought “let’s try this as a smashed potato recipe”

I smothered the smashed potatoes with some Parmesan topped with shepperd’s pie filling and put them back in the oven for about 10-15 minutes. They came out all melted and ready to dig it. And they were really good!

They beauty about this recipe, is that it’s no frills, full of flavor, and a perfect “serve family style” type of meal. Set the pan on the table with a few plates, and everyone scoop a heaping of shepherd’s pie smashed potatoes and dig in!

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Smashed potatoes with a shepherd’s pie (or cottage pie in this case) topping, is a super simple way to get your shepherd’s pie fix in without […]
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