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Roasting a chicken in spring or summer is not an ideal situation when you’re trying to keep the house cool, but it’s so delicious! So when there’s a craving for said chicken, I love taking advantage of the crock pot and getting it “roasted that way!


It’s just as good, and take no time at all to prepare! I’d say the obvious best part about this crock pot roast chicken recipe is that it’s freaking delicious,  being seasoned with a little thyme, rosemary, salt pepper, onion and garlic powder. However,  being able to have dinner ready by the time everyone is home is the win here.

Feel free to laugh, but for the longest time, I thought that you ALWAYS had use water or some liquid and submerse what ever you were cooking in a crock pot. WRONG! When I learned that you could do something like a roast chicken in the crock pot my mind was blown!

The trick is keeping the chicken elevated so that it’s not sitting halfway in it’s own juices making sure the the skin can get crispy. I like to use some potatoes at the bottom, and you already have 1 side ready to go for dinner!


If you need a quick idea for a second side, roughly chop a cup or two of baby spinach and saute it in about 2 tbsp of butter and a couple cloves of garlic for about 2 minutes, and finish with some salt. While the roast chicken is cooling off in the crock pot you’ll have dinner ready to go before you know it! Super easy and very delicious!

Just a quick tip, this isn’t the “healthiest” thing in the world, but those potatoes? Go AMAZING topped with ranch dressing. I thought it was odd, but once I tried it I was hooked. I just can’t eat it all the time, gotta keep that dad bod at bay!




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